clean diamonds

Avoid keeping your diamond jewelry along with some other jewelry as they scratch your diamond jewelry fading its shine. Also keep in mind one diamond can easily scratch other so It is better to wrap diamond jewelry in cotton, tissue paper, soft paper or you may use soft cloth of cotton and store your diamond jewelry separately.

Check your diamond jewelry on regular basis and if you notice any sign or loosening of prongs or any other kind of damage bring them immediately to the jeweler for repair.

You may give you jewelry to the professional jewelers once or twice a year for and expert cleaning.

Keep in mind to wear your jewelry after using hair sprays, perfumes and deodorants as these chemicals may cause fading of sparkle. Even creams, lotions may cause build up which may result in fading shine of the diamond and may cause dullness of diamond brilliance so better wait for 15 minutes before putting your jewelry.

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Avoid wearing your diamond jewelry if you are doing rough work because even though they are the hardest crystal in nature a hard blow can chip them. Also they can brittle along thin edges so avoid wearing if they have chances to be struck sharply.

If u carry your diamond jewelry while traveling make sure of using travel pouch for individual pieces.
Handel your diamond jewelry carefully, they are precious for you.

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red diamonds

Diamonds are expensive. Diamond’s eye catching shine make them valuable investment .Brilliance of diamond is result of the lights that enter the stone and then they are reflected back to the human eyes.

But sparkle of these beautiful crystals can be faded just by mere touch of our fingers as our fingers offer enough oil from skin, which is a type of grease which gets deposited as diamonds are magnetic to grease, which then leads to deposition of dirt on the surface of diamond causing it lose it shine.

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Try cleaning your diamond jewelry regularly say once or twice in week. You can soak them in ammonia based cleaner overnight. Better take six parts of water and one part of ammonia, avoid other abrasive household cleaners or toothpaste or chlorine solution, you may use glass cleaners.

Mild liquid detergents can also be used. Remove the diamond from ammonia based cleaner in morning and then remove the left over dirt with the help of a clean soft toothbrush gently especially over back where oil and dirt deposits most. Next step is to rinse the diamond with water and clean it with soft clean cloth.

Avoid ultrasonic cleaners in case of inclusions and cracks as they can enlarge the flaws. Avoid cleaning jewelry near sink or at least take care the plug is in or jewelry may slip and drain.

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baby jogging stroller

Everyone loves to have babies, and why not? After all they are so adorable and lovable to have. We love them to cuddle and play with them. Everyone wants their kid to be safe and comfortable while resting. So for this purpose having a good baby stroller is very important and essential part of baby care.

But most of the people don’t pay much attention while buying baby strollers and for them it is just like other household things to buy.

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And this is where they commit mistakes. Choosing a good stroller is very important and there are some points which every parents should consider while buying a good baby stroller. Following are the ten things to consider while buying a good stroller for a baby.

You must consider the age and weight of your baby while buying. This is a very important factor and no parent should miss this. After all a small stroller for a big baby will not be good and your kid will find it hard to rest in it.

Make sure that the stroller you are planning to buy has a small roof or canopy. Small kids can’t bear with harsh sunlight and they may get a sun burn while strolling which can also turn fatal. Also ensure that the roof or canopy on the stroller can be removed. It’s like having a convertible car for your kid using which you can remove roof whenever you want according to the weather conditions.

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baby stroller

For bumpy road you will not only need shock absorbers but also dense foam inside the stroller. If you live in the area where there are slopes and hills, make sure the strollers you are going to buy have efficient brake system too.

My kid is too small and makes bed dirty too often; won’t this make the stroller dirty?

There is nothing new in it, and kids often make bed and strollers dirty. There are waterproof strollers available in market. All you need to do is to place a small cover where the kid will sit in stroller.

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Most of the strollers these days are made with polyester which is very durable. This material is very easy to clean and washable which makes is very easy to use for everyone

Apart from this make sure that stroller is covered so that your kid can be safe from direct sunlight. Some stroller have fixed roof while some has convertible roof which is the best. Such canopies can be removed when there is no sunlight and weather is cool and take be used when you need shadows for your baby.

Hope this answers all the queries related to strollers and you will be able to get a clear idea to purchase a good stroller.

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baby stroller

Are you going to buy a stroller for your baby? Are you confused on which stroller to choose? Below are the frequently asked questions related to strollers which will help you while buying baby stroller.

Which size should I choose?

This depends on the age and weight of your baby. You should mention the age of baby while buying stroller. Now days there are strollers have function to change sizes. Such stroller can be used for the parents who have more than one baby. Make sure there is some extra space for baby’s stuff too.

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What kind of frame should I use? Does metal frame harm baby?

Metal frames are best but they are prone to rust too. I always use heavy metal frames. Such frames make the stroller a bit heavy but increases durability too. There are hard plastic frames too available in market in market, but make sure the plastic is durable and has some warranty.

Is having suspension on stroller mandatory?

Having suspension is not mandatory but this depends on the geographical area where you will use the stroller. If the road is not bumpy and plan, you can use a plain rubber wheeled tires.

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watches for men cheap

My suggestion for people who want to purchase something new for them is to always seek out advices from people who bought the items before you. If you have close friends, then chances are good that you guys share the same taste of style.

What does that mean? It means if you like something, then your friend might be liking it as well. If you’re really in need for more information on the watch before buying it, then this is your golden chance! I believe that your friend will not hold off anything about the watch if you really know how to compliment him and his watch. I don’t see anything wrong or hard with this method, so you need to keep this tip in mind.

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If you’re familiar with online shopping, you will see that there are many review websites out there that offer the information you’re searching. Just do a simple search and you will see. In order to find out these websites, you can do a simple search with the word “review” after the name of your preferred watch.

In many cases, just by reading the reviews from real customers who bought the watch before, you can easily dig up many interesting things and aspects of the watch that you didn’t know about before. You will find out instantly what people like and doesn’t like about the watch. Then the rest will be yours to decide.

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Thinking about buying a new watch to replace your own one? Are you aware that there are many people out there failed to do so? Think you saw your preferred watch already? Think again, because I bet that you haven’t taken into consideration the following guidelines.

I know, we all make mistakes. But the fact that throwing away hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a watch that doesn’t go well with us is plain painful. Keep on reading as I will reveal to you some of my best tips when it comes to buying new men’s watches.

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One thing you need to remember is to always try to understand the basics of men’s watch. Buying a new watch is the same as buying a new auto or TV, tons of things to keep in mind.

Talking about that, you really need to keep in mind that buying a new men’s watch will involve looking at the watch engine, the watch case, the displaying mechanism, etc. Remember that each one of them will make up a crucial part of the watch. And how the watch will run in the future depends solely on how well these parts function together.

So, next time you want to buy something new not just wristwatches, keep this tip in mind. Because it will be a life saver for you in the end!

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top quality wristwatches

The wristband or strap of the watch is also metal. Moreover it is capable of being shortened to fit all sizes of wrists, so you need not worry about the watch fitting you right.

The watch is water resistant to a whooping fifty feet underwater. This is more than enough for any wristwatch, because the average depth of a swimming pool is around fifteen feet.

Now you have an idea of how safe it must be to wear the watch out in the rain, which is as much water most of us subject our good watches to. This mens watch is an absolute classic, to say the least.

If you’re still unsure about whether or not you should invest in a new mens watch that can make you stand out from the crowd like the one mentioned above, then I highly recommend you do so because it will not just help you pull attention from people around but also make you feel more confident.

Check out the following things for more info:

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 watches for men

A more durable crystal accounts for a much more accurate time keeping for a very long time. The case of the watch is solid stainless steel, which makes the outside of the watch much immune to wear and tear than most watches.

The steel being stainless will appear as good as new for years, while the shine of the steel contrasted by the dark bezel and the light colored stainless steel metal hands of the chronograph gives the watch an appearance so elegant, classic and fashionable that the wristband is bound to be an eye catcher in every social occasion.

But what would happen if you want something special yet you don’t know what to look for? In this case, if you want to buy a new mens watch with great features like the one mentioned above, where should you go for more information? The answers are in the following resources, check them out:

Timex T49612
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high end watches

Also, it is one of the most durable crystals in the market for watches. It is much better to have a hesalite core watch than a sapphire watch because sapphire can shatter to tiny pieces if it gets hit along its axis. Hesalite, however, does not get destroyed easily.

While it does get scratched from time to time, the scratches can be easily removed by brushing the crystal with toothpaste or the specially made scratch remover for crystal, PolyWatch. It is a surprisingly durable crystal given the fragile nature of its peers, and even big scratches can be removed by sanding the crystal and then polishing it.

But you need to understand that with this kind of watch, you will have to spend a large amount of money in order to buy it. So, if you’re somewhat short of cash and still have bills to pay, I suggest you to stay away from buying these high end watches.

Instead, take a look at the following mid-range products:

Skagen 233XLTTM
Skagen 809XLTTM
Casio PRW2500-1
Casio G100-1BV
Timex T2N700

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